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Pick a Roulette Strategy That Brings You Wins

Finding a strategy that works in roulette is a bit of a “lost arc” for many players out there. Thankfully, though, there are many time-tested stratagems that you can be used to make sure that you have the best stratagem on your hands. Of course, you will always want to make sure that you stick with the best online roulette sites to play for real money but while you do, it’s worth taking a look at some strategies as well.

Now, you will similarly want to study what stratagems are already posted and explained out there before venturing on your own and trying to introduce unique strategies that you have designed yourself. One place to start is

1. Martingale

First among the available strategies online is Martingale. Martingale is a negative progression strategy and it’s very easy to understand. Here, you want to scale up your wagers only after a loss with the logic being that once you lose a bet, you will have a chance to recover your loss and start at a default bet once again. This strategy’s risk is that if you hit the betting threshold before recouping your loss, you will end up losing a big pile of money. The good news is that seldom happens, although it’s statistically probable.

2. Fibonacci

Fibonacci is a slightly more complicated negative progression system, but one that will work on the same principle. You must stick to the progression however and try to make sure that whatever outcome is produced, you play it out according to the tested mathematical sequence. If you feel Fibonacci is a bit too much at first, just test the strategy at a free play roulette website. Remember, it’s always good to alternate your strategies!

3. Flat Betting

The third strategy some players use is flat betting. The logic here goes that you are more or less likely to have the same number of successes and losses. If you stick with outside bets and bet a little more on each wager, you might actually pull ahead.

Of course, the roulette house edge will always influence your chances of success on the outside bets so make sure that you understand that and act accordingly. Ultimately, there are no sure-fire ways to win at roulette, but don’t worry, because half of the win is to have fun after all!

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