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What are the Pitfalls of Playing Online Blackjack for Free?
We all like free stuff, no point denying the fact, so when someone offers you the opportunity to play online blackjack for free, you would most likely say “hell yeah” to that. I mean, the possibility of making some money for free, tell me one person who will say no to that?

A lot of online casinos offer bonuses to their players, which will allow them to play a few games for free on their web site. Why would they do that in the first place, allowing people to play for free? To get new members, that’s why. With thousands of online casinos and specialized online blackjack web sites, the competition is really huge and every player counts, so if they have to give a few free games to newcomers in order to entice them to continue playing in their online casino and not to go to the competition, or give a few free games to their more seasoned players, to make them happy and “persuade” them to continue playing on their web site, a few free games is something that they can afford.

You can get a whole lot of free games thanks to these online blackjack bonuses, but they may not be as good as they appear. How is that possible? For one simple reason. All online casino bonuses are subject to wagering. This is a way of ensuring that you don’t simply come in the casino, play a couple of free games and make a big load of money this way. Imagine a few people did this in an online casino every day or so. It would spell disaster for it and it would soon have to shut down because it would no longer have any money. The players would take it all away, without bringing any themselves. Not a very good business and these people are businessmen in the first place and making money is a priority to them. So, you got wagering as a protection against bonus abusers.

What is “wagering”? When you accept an offer to play for free, you oblige yourself to wager a specific amount of money on other casino games. So, not only that the casino makes sure that they don’t lose all of their money on bonus abuses, but they also manage to popularize their other games. There’s only one neat little trick with wagering. It has to be used on games of chance, such as slots and not on games of skills, like poker or blackjack. That way the players are not able to rely on anything but their own luck.

On the positive side, these bonuses do allow you to play online blackjack for a longer time. If you use that time wisely, it will make you a better blackjack player and the next time you play for money, you will have a much better chance of making more of it, instead of losing it all. Of course, before you agree to any kind of bonus, make sure that you know all about the terms that are offered to you and if they are agreeable.

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